What is technopolys?

technopolys is the name given to the movement to promote Québec’s technology industry.

This major collaborative project is being spearheaded by companies, universities, research centres, and associations in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, under the umbrella of TechnoMontréal’s Industry Promotion Working Group.

technopolys draws on the sense of pride within our industry and helps to:

  • increase knowledge about its contribution to Quebec’s economy, the innovation ecosystem, and citizens’ quality of life;
  • promote entrepreneurship, technology careers, and the teaching programs that lead to them;
  • increase international recognition for Québec as a centre of digital innovation.

The power of technopolys resides in the teamwork between industry players. Join today!

From left to right: Sylvain Carle, Yoshua Bengio, Isabelle Bettez, LP Maurice and Serge Godin.

Industry Promotion Working Group 

TechnoMontréal is the information and communications technologies cluster of the Greater Montreal region. The organization brings together all ICT industry stakeholders to work on projects that benefit the entire group.

Founded in 2016, the Industry Promotion Working Group coordinates the collaborative effort get the Technopolys movement off the ground.

For more information, visit TechnoMontréal’s website.

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Public Partners

Gouvernement du Québec Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal Développement Économique Canada