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Our name combines our three areas of intervention.

We chose “Techno” because we want to unite the information technology (IT) industry within a single movement to ensure it is fully promoted.
We chose “pole” because we want to showcase the IT ecosystems in Quebec’s various poles.
We chose “lys” because we want to enhance Quebecers’ pride in their IT industry.

Technopolys is about uniting the industry and its various ecosystems to foster a sense of pride here in Quebec and throughout the world.

Our History

Established in September of 2017, Technopolys was born of a desire among information technology sector businesses, research centres and associations, to unite around a single brand and promote Quebec’s IT industry.

Beyond the 5 initial ambassadors: Isabelle Bettez, Co-Founder of 8D Technologies, Louis-Philippe Maurice, PDG of Busbud, Serge Godin, Founder and Executive President of CGI, Sylvain Carle, Associate at Real Ventures and Yoshua Bengio, Full Professor at UdeM and Scientific Director at Mila, the Technopolys movement now includes over 50 ambassadors and over 400 signatory partners.

Our Mission

Technopolys exists to promote the IT industry, focusing on three main areas of intervention: uniting the industry, showcasing the ecosystem and enhancing Quebec pride.

Its mission is simple: to help Quebec’s IT industry shine, both here and abroad.

Our Values

Impartiality. Technopolys unites the businesses and organizations that work within the industry. We believe in impartial actions so that all stakeholders are represented. They are all important and must all be allowed to shine.

Quebec Pride. Technopolys believes in the wealth of our regions and therefore works throughout all of Quebec’s territory. For us, it’s important to take pride in Quebec’s IT industry, no matter where it is located.

Mobilizing. Technopolys is all the stakeholders who come together with a single voice to help the IT industry shine and to underscore its impact on Quebec society and its economy.

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