Declaration of the Quebec Technology Industry

In 2018, the direction committee of Technopolys kicked off a crazy idea: start a consultative process to define the values of our industry. A text was co-written over a year to represent these values. More than a thousand people were able to read, comment and modify this text. This text results of the pride that our direction committee, our ambassadors, our signatory membres and many professionnals feel about our industry.

For the past few weeks, you were able to hear (in french) the first two paragraphs of the declaration read by Bruno Guglielminetti who agreed to lend his voice to our industry.

Today, for the first time, we give you a final version of the Declaration of the Quebec Technology Industry.

Declaration of the Quebec Technology Industry

Quebec is built on audacity and innovation. It is the creation of ingenious minds, dreamers and entrepreneurs. With them, our achievements are attracting the attention of the whole world. Our innovations are transforming our collective present and future in a way that aligns “technology” and “transformation” to serve the ends of “people” and “prosperity” – while helping to improve our daily lives and distribute resources in line with our values.

Entrepreneurs, businesses, student bodies and researchers form the backbone of a technology industry that is working to provide everyone in society – without exception – with a prosperous future. By betting on creativity, and by pushing for social inclusion and collaboration, we are building a better tomorrow for everyone in Quebec.

We, the people of the Quebec technology industry, are committed to mobilizing ourselves:

  • by working hand-in-hand to include in our training courses and our practices a critical and interdisciplinary mind to create a formidable pool of talent, entrepreneurship and expertise fit to tackle the ambitious challenges our society faces;
  • to strive every day to support social progress, public services and flourishing of individuals – regardless of age, gender, origin or social status;
  • to guarantee that information remains a common good, and will be treasured as public asset and a vector of innovation and progress while always striving to raise and overbid the best practices in terms of ethics, security and individual protection;
  • to actively support a cohesive ecosystem founded on courage, forward-thinking and knowhow, that has been nourished over many generations;
  • to exercise ethical leadership and to promote the sharing of best-practices, for the benefit of our employees, our communities and all others we serve;
  • to promote initiatives that turn heads and generate pride, so that Quebec shines at home and internationally. and assumes its rightful status in the minds of technology thought-leaders.

We, the people of the Quebec technology industry, are committed to promoting careers, research and businesses by:

  • actively encouraging social inclusion through greater diversity and equality within every business; 
  • fostering the development, attraction and retention of a skilled and diverse workforce from all over the world capable of competing on an international level;
  • making alliances with the teaching institutions in Quebec, so that they can support us with high-quality graduates equipped with up-to-date skills that serve the needs of the ever-changing technology landscape;
  • promoting and nurturing discussions between research centres, citizens and industry, so as to transform possibilities into realities, and thus create collective and sustainable wealth.

We, the people of the Quebec technology industry, are committed to making our industry shine throughout the province, the country and the world, by: 

  • contributing tirelessly to the economic growth of Quebec as a centre of excellence, rich with opportunities;
  • working closely with decision-makers to ensure that all regions of Quebec are given equal opportunity to position themselves as world-class through technological excellence, in a way that creates sustainable economic value for the good of all society.

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