Diane Chaîné

One way to best describe Diane Chaîné is her audacity to build. She has an excellent sense of business and makes relationships with clients and innovation her first priorities. She is readily dedicated to her team.

Diane graduated from the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières as a certified accountant. She also obtained a business valuation certificate from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators in Toronto.

She built a strong career as an associate at Deloitte, the prestigious corporate services firm. Family is fundamental for Diane who is a mother of two, Frédéric and Morgane, both currently university students.

In 2010, by acquiring Progi, she decided to take a leap and become an entrepreneur, a dream she had cherished since her childhood.

Progi is an IT firm offering digital and business solutions for the automobile and insurance industries. The company has a prestigious list of clients including the largest Canadian insurance companies and Canadian collision shop networks.

A woman of action, she in involved in the various local chambers of commerce. She has a wide network of contacts from several spheres of influence.

In 2017, Diane became a member of the board at her alma mater: the UQTR. She is also a recipient of the Ordre de La Vérendrye, the highest award given to citizens by the city of Trois-Rivières, in recognition of her contribution to help promote this city she loves so much.

She works hard so Progi can become a regional beacon for IT professional. She makes every effort to create a healthy living environment for the Progicians, the ever-increasing members if this intrepid organization.

The next steps for Diane are Progi’s growth management and internationalization.

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