Emanuelle Duchesne ,

Emanuelle Duchesne has been thriving in the e-commerce industry for the past 10 years. She started as a pure player online seller with Bijoux Bijoux, a company she sold in 2011. Afterwards, she took the lead of Chocolat Media, a web agency striving for a human touch in a technological world, in its relations with its clients as well as in its vision for the company.

She then took part in the Panierdachat project, a SaaS e-commerce platform with an integrated offer to spread technological tools with both small and large businesses. With customers ranging from the craftsperson to large companies like Hydro-Quebec, the main goal is to find the right way for web technology to solve the companies needs to help them grow or improve the internal management.

She is also the mother of 2 lovely kids who always help her overcome obstacles and find balance between her work and her family.

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