Nancy Audette,
Vice-president and general manager

Well traveled, Nancy Audette found a way to combine love for discovering new cultures and her interest in telecommmunications by working as held leadership positions in well-known companies in multiple countries.

After graduation in marketing from Sherbrooke university, Nancy studied international trade in France for a year.

When she came back in Quebec, she played a key role in the launch of the Fido brand in 1997. But her desire to travel rang again and she quickly started to put her expertise in telecommunications to good use in foreign companies.

Her first international experience happened in Brazil. She stayed there for a year and then went to the Czech Republic and finally Morocco, with a break in Quebec in between.

Her international experiences intimately convinced her that it is best to regret doing something rather than never daring to try. They also allowed her to develop her open-mindedness and adaptability.

After working in another field for a few years, Nancy finally joined Rogers and Fido in 2016 where she has been thriving as the national vice-president and general manager for Fido Wireless,while also piloting the destiny of other wireless brands in Quebec.

Nancy takes advantage of her wide experience as a manager to mentor multiple people and build dynamic and result-oriented teams. Alongside her career she finds time to be a mother to her three children and sit on the board of YMCA Quebec, a cause she dearly believes in and in which she heavily invests herself.

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