Annie Nepveu,
General Manager


Annie is a woman of strong will and deeply rooted ideals! Upon graduating from Polytechnique de Montréal in Environmental Studies, she began a career that has spanned the past 25 years and has seen her hold leadership positions in areas including Business Transformation, Project Management, and Information Technology.

She has worked as a Manager and Consultant for several major companies in a variety of sectors including Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Agribusiness sectors.

Annie is a globetrotter, feminist and ecologist, and she has volunteered for many causes while reconciling career and family life. Today, Annie wants to dedicate her time and her vast experience to social entrepreneurship activities. She dreams of founding a flourishing not-for-profit company that links technological innovation to social issues.

In February 2018, when her path crossed that of Youhou (which was to become DIS-MOI), she jumped at the chance. She left her prior career behind and dove headlong into this great adventure that is DIS-MOI.

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