Martin Fassier,

Biography of Martin Fassier

In 2014, Martin launched CaSA, a company renowned for its technologies that are revolutionizing the way electricity is distributed and consumed in the residential sector.

Having acquired expertise in the integration of technological and innovative concepts through working with many organizations around the world, including Cirque du Soleil, Martin made the decision to use his experience and knowledge to create and implement solutions to help solve the fundamental energy problems facing the world.

With his partner and co-founder Patrick Pépin, his associates and a team of visionaries, Martin has created CaSA, a company based in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil that allows him to actualize his vision of designing and manufacturing his own software and equipment for residential energy control.

Since CaSA’s founding five years ago, Martin has been the driving factor behind meeting with key players in the electrical industry, including government agencies, large corporations and power system operators, to communicate CaSA’s mission.

As a result, the company has earned a great deal of credibility through collaborations with leading universities, research labs, industry experts and corporations that support him in revolutionizing residential electrical demand in Quebec, in Canada and around the world.


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