André Gauthier

André is a businessman involved in the development of several service and manufacturing companies. He himself has some 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

He was trained in finances and has a passion for technologies, particularly those dealing with business processes. He makes every effort to simplify these processes by aiming to reduce the number of steps to follow. This passion is what drove him to reinvent schedule management, which was traditionally done using electronic worksheets and spreadsheet programs.

After witnessing a cultural shift and the rise of new challenges in his own companies’ HR management, André decided, in 2011, to focus his efforts on creating an online app dedicated to helping businesses with employees working variable hours. His objective? To better manage availability constraints and facilitate schedule sharing to ultimately improve staff satisfaction and retention.

After testing and validating his concept, in 2015, he convinced his main provider, Logem, to join forces to review the code and market the solution. A company, Agendrix, arose from this partnership.

Over time, and as a result of client demand, Agendrix tackled many a problem, including timesheet management, fixed and mobile time clocks, and mobile employee dispatching.

Going into 2019, the company has 15 employees and some 1500 clients across 24 countries, and continues to experience vigorous growth.

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