Max Trudel,
VP Marketing and Operations

Max Trudel is the VP of marketing and operations at Voilà!, a startup from Quebec which is offering a schedule and workforce management platform. Its goal is to bring back the employee at the heart of the labor market.

Max has been holding various roles in the digital industry for many years. He co-founded multiple digital strategy agencies and departments and worked on business development and digital transformation strategies for multiple companies based in Quebec. Most notably, he was director of strategy for the Equation Humaine agency. His objective has always been to help entrepreneurs from Quebec to grow their business and use technology to find their place in a global market.

It is this desire to help companies improve their management practices through a targeted use of technology that brought him along in the Voilà! adventure.

Voilà! is not only trying to help business improve the way the currently manage their workforce, it is mostly to help them adapt their vision of employee management to the current reality of the labor market. The main strength that Voilà! has is its team who understands the needs and challenges of their clients and guides them through their digital transformation depending on the current state of their company.

Trainer and speaker, Max teaches digital strategy and entrepreneurship to master-degree students at Sherbrooke University. He is also a columnist for the finance section of the Journal de Montréal and LCN.

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