#jointechnopolys: share your pride in being a leader in Québec’s technology industry

Between 2017 and 2019, Québec will be taking on the most ambitious strategy to date to promote the province’s technology industry. To share the collective sense of pride felt by the industry players, TechnoMontréal’s Industry Promotion Working Group is launching the #jointechnopolys movement on social media.

How to participate in the #jointechnopolys movement

The movement is meant to be a unifying project for all stakeholders in Québec’s technology community. The concept is easy and open to everyone: Simply make a short video no more than a minute long saying how proud you are to be part of Québec’s technology industry and inviting your colleagues and partners to do the same, and to join the technopolys movement. Join the #jointechnopolys movement to light up the Internet with your excitement about being a leader in this fast-growing ecosystem renowned for its creativity and innovation.

Stand behind the movement’s ambassadors

“Taking part in the #jointechnopolys movement means participating in the most ambitious promotional strategy to date for Québec’s technology industry. The key factor in this strategy—the thing that allows us to stand firm together—is teamwork. In this industry without borders, we encourage you to share your pride in being a part of Québec’s technology ecosystem,” exclaim the co-presidents of the Industry Promotion Working Group, Sébastien Barangé, Vice-president, Communications and Public Affairs at CGI, and Frédéric Bastien, President-CEO of mnubo.

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Public Partners

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