technopolys: take part in the most ambitious promotional strategy to date for Québec’s technology industry.

Between 2017 and 2019, Québec will be taking on the most ambitious strategy to date to promote the province’s technology industry. Like the plans put forth by other major digital capitals, this one, which is being spearheaded by companies, universities and associations, aims to generate a sense of collective pride and unprecedented engagement within the industry.

In light of the diagnosis made by TechnoMontréal’s Industry Promotion Working Group, it was essential to develop a unifying branding strategy solid enough to support the large-scale engagement of the technology sector. The goal is to create a movement embodied by the shining stars of our industry and that is capable of inspiring a sense of collective pride, attracting the younger generations, and promoting the strengths and significance of the technology sector for Québec society. This approach gave rise to an entity with both a new name and a new visual identity: TECHNOPOLYS, a contraction of the word “technology” and the French words pôle (cluster) and lys (lily, the provincial emblem).

“In order to gain recognition at home and abroad, Québec’s technology industry needs an outreach strategy that conveys our sense of collective pride in our leadership position. According to our successful analyses of several different strategies, there is a need for a movement that is firmly anchored in a strong sense of engagement by all industry stakeholders. For that reason, we’re extending an invitation to all stakeholders in the technology ecosystem to join the technopolys movement,” said Frédéric Bastien, co-president of TechnoMontréal’s Industry Promotion Working Group and President-CEO of mnubo.

The technopolys strategy will unfold in two phases: corporate engagement (2017) and the promotional campaign aimed at target audiences (2018-2019). The message, designed by the industry, for the industry, will be transmitted by the movement’s five ambassadors:

  • Yoshua Bengio, associate professor and scientific director at IVADO;
  • Isabelle Bettez, co-founder of 8D technologies and member of the board of directors of Motivate;
  • Sylvain Carle, associate at Real Ventures;
  • Serge Godin, founder and executive chairman of the board of CGI;
  • Louis-Philippe Maurice, CEO of Busbud.

In a promotional video, our ambassadors stand shoulder-to-shoulder in delivering the following message to the industry: “The status quo is the same as moving backwards. To succeed, we need to come together and speak with one voice.” To add their voice to the movement, companies are welcome to register at

“Québec and its metropolitan area are at a crossroads. The technology ecosystem has reached a certain level of maturity that now enables key decision-makers to work together on a strategy unlike any seen before, a strategy that will give the industry the visibility it deserves as a major driver of the economy, now and in the future,” concluded Sébastien Barangé, co-president of TechnoMontréal’s Industry Promotion Working Group and Vice-president, Communications and Public Affairs at CGI.

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